Discount Calculator

“Welcome to our Discount Calculator, the ultimate online tool for quickly calculating discounts.” Our flexible calculator can help you estimate pricing plans whether you’re a savvy shopper wanting to maximize your savings or a business owner evaluating pricing tactics.
With four different types of strong discounts to pick from:

  1. Percentage Discount: Calculate your savings by applying a percentage discount to your purchase. This is useful for calculating how much you’ll save during sales, promotions, or while utilizing coupons or any other types of shopping.
  2. Percentage Discount on Second Product: Ideal for “Buy One, Get One” promotions or when a percentage discount is applied to the second item in your cart. Our calculator makes the procedure easier.
  3. Third Product Percentage Discount: Take advantage of exceptional offers that extend savings to the third item. When a 10% discount is applied to the third product, our calculator calculates the total savings.
  4. Fixed Amount Discount: When a set dollar amount is deducted from your final purchase, our calculator shows you how much you’ll save.

Our Discount Calculator is user-friendly and produces accurate results in seconds. Whether you’re shopping for personal things or managing your company’s budget, our tool is here to help. Try it out right now and see how much money you can save!”

Discount Calculator

How to calculate discounts?

Here are explanations of how to calculate four types of discounts with examples for each:

1. Percentage Discount:

  • Formula: Discount Amount = Original Price × (Discount Percentage / 100)
  • Example: If a $100 item has a 20% discount: Discount Amount = $100 × (20 / 100) = $20
    Final Price = $100 – $20 = $80

2. Percentage Discount on Second Product:

  • Formula: Discount Amount on Second Product = Second Product Price × (Discount Percentage / 100)
  • Example: In a “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” deal, if the second item costs $60 and has a 50% discount: Discount Amount on Second Product = $60 × (50 / 100) = $30
    Final Price for Second Product = $60 – $30 = $30

3. Percentage Discount on Third Product:

  • Formula: Discount Amount on Third Product = Third Product Price × (Discount Percentage / 100)
  • Example: In a “Buy Two, Get One 70% Off” promotion, if the third item costs $40 and has a 70% discount: Discount Amount on Third Product = $40 × (70 / 100) = $28
    Final Price for Third Product = $40 – $28 = $12

4. Fixed Amount Discount:

  • Formula: Discount Amount = Fixed Amount – Discount amount
  • Example: If there’s a fixed $25 discount on a $150 purchase: Discount Amount = $25
    Final Price = $150 – $25 = $125

These examples illustrate how to calculate discounts for different scenarios. Depending on the type of discount and the specific situation, you can use the appropriate formula to determine the discount amount and the final price.

You can use our online discount calculator if you don’t want to figure out these savings by hand and want to save time. It’s a quick way to figure out how much you’ll save and how much the end price will be in different discount situations. Now, give it a try!


In conclusion, our Discount Calculator is a useful tool that makes the process of figuring out prices, which is often hard to do, easier. Whether you’re a shopper who wants to make smart decisions about what to buy or a business owner who wants to find the best price strategies, our online calculator makes it easy, accurate, and quick to figure out discounts in different situations.

We make it easy for users to figure out how much they could save by giving them four different types of discounts: a percentage discount, a percentage discount on the second product, a percentage discount on the third product, and a fixed amount discount. This tool not only saves time, but it also makes discount estimates less likely to be wrong.

The purpose of our Discount Calculator is to make shopping easier and help businesses make smart choices. It’s a good resource for people who want to save more money or improve their pricing strategies. Both consumers and businesses can use it to confidently manage the world of discounts.

Whether you’re looking for the best deal on your next buy or trying to increase the profit of your business, our Discount Calculator is here to make the process easier and help you reach your financial goals quickly and accurately.